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Database Name: Libraries of the University of Hawaii System
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Basic Search Tips


Select either a "Quick Limit" from this screen or choose multiple limits (date, language, location, etc.) by clicking on the "Search Limits" button. Apply Search Limits before entering search terms. Note: Limits apply to Keyword and Title searches only.

General Tips

  • use quotes to search phrases: "artificial intelligence"

  • ? matches zero, one or more characters. For example, hawaii? finds Hawaii, Hawaiian, Hawaiians, etc. phi?i?ines finds Philippines, Phillipines, etc.

  • % matches exactly one character. For example, wom%n finds woman, women, womyn

  • Search for non-English language materials in either vernacular or Romanized forms (omitting diacritics).

Specific Search Help

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Boolean Keyword (and, or, not)
Call Number (Books, Journals, Maps, etc.)
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